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What is "Wet and Forget" and how can it help me?

Wet & Forget

                                    What is it and what can it do for me?

 Roof Cleaning

If you have a home you are proud of, but are ignoring the bad look of the roof. You now have an amazing, affordable and long-lasting solution to this problem. Handy for Hire now has 10 yrs. experience in using this product that has been used around the world succesfully for over 30 years. This is not a quick fix, it takes a year to prove it's full potential but the benefits of using this and waiting for the results is that it will keep your roof clean for a very long time. True story, the blue house above was cleaned and only began to show significant staining enough to need a re-application after 7 years! (your results may vary). Let me tell you I am stunned every time at how incredibly clean these roofs become. Not only that it will help keep the insurance companies away for saying you need your roof replaced unnecessarily. Honestly it will look new, as I've seen the dramatic transformation many times over firsthand. 

Clean masonry, siding, fences and more!

Photos to come in the near future to illustrate the same amazing results found in roof cleaning. Sure you can always get immediate results with bleach services but that approach is only a temporary fix. You'll never guess where this product is producing some of the most dramatic transformations...Tombstones!  A simple pump sprayer.  Coat it once and the beautiful white marble headstones (that are anything but beautiful) come back to an amazing brilliance with so little effort and treated with long term resilience. Check back here for those examples to arrive soon!