Are You Still Looking for a Good Idea for Your Home?

Here are some Handy Tips from Handy For Hire

                                         Got Woodpeckers?????


        The amount of damage that I have been seeing to houses as result of these fine feathered friends is astounding. For those of you who have had the experience, it is an especially frustrating one. My research on this subject brought me to a study by Cornell University that is the best resource out there. Studying very specifically woodpeckers, homes ...... Why? You can find this info at    .  Please don't try the "Elmer Fudd" approach, read the study and we can apply what you think is best in your situation. I do understand everbody has there limits. Lets give this a try first!!!!!!!!!!!!

               Garage door openers that behave unusually, very often.......


         are caused by track and/or pulley wheels needing lubrication. Again, there is a special lube for that but not as particular as say locks. Ask for garage door lube (spray can) and lube every wheel you can see. Often times garage door openers have a resistance trigger to reverse direction if it were to close on something besides the floor. When the wheels and pullleys get dry this is interpreted as an obstruction by the motor assembly, reversing the door to open. There are many other reasons for this condition but another good reason is the sensors at the floor are being blocked or misaligned. I've even seen cobwebs swinging on the bottom of the door triggering a redirect only when the cobweb swing was just right!!!!!

                  Often times doors that don't latch are caused by..........


         the door latch (handle side) needing a little lube. I suggest a product called "Dry Lube" to spray into that latch. The magic of it, is that it is a wet spray that evaporates very quickly leaving a dry lubricating powder behind, making it highly effective and nearly invisible. Do not make the mistake of using wd-40 as this will leave an oily film that will attract contaminants and over time not work as well. Graphite products work just as well but can stain things black and alot harder to be neat with. Both "Dry lube" and "graphite" are the only lubes that I would reccomend using in delicate handleset mechanisms.