Tractor Services!

That's right!  Handy for Hire has purchased a brand new compact tractor with turf tires. Full disclosure is that it was needed to transform our personal property but purchased a unit that could serve our many customers in the future. The turf tires mean that work can be done on your property with the least amount of damage (it's why golf courses use them).  We're very excited, going forward, to know all of the potential services that can be deliverd with a tractor of this size that is capable of maneuvering in tight spaces and is lighter than most equipment doing typically one type of operation.  This unit is like a "Swiss army knife" of possibilities with a long list of attachments and implements. 

Let us do the heavy lifting!

Post hole digging

Do you want to replace or add a fence but just don't want to dig all of those holes? That's where we come in and take the worst part of the job off of your shoulders. Putting the fence together really is the fun part!

Establishing a garden

Hire us, with our compact tractor, to get to the back yard without damage and rototill the garden ready for planting. Once that's done we can either drive metal posts for the fence or we can dig post holes for a more decorative and formidable surround. 

Relocate the mulch or wood pile. Need a forklift?

Most often, where they dump it and where you want to use it are two very different spots! Or you take a delivery that is just too big and heavy to move like a freezer, monster barbecue across the lawn or maybe you lost a tree limb and want it in the woods out back?


Driveway maintenance

Got mud? Pot holes? They can not only be fixed but for a reasonable cost in a wide array of materials, it can be made to look beautiful. If you've got a long drive or would like to add additional spots without incurring the expense of a full paving measure. 

If you are looking for something not listed here, we would be pleased to work with you to make it happen. Just give us a call at 978 897 0195 978 897 0195.