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  • Adam (Thursday, August 03 23 02:18 pm EDT)

    Dan is exactly the kind of guy who you want taking care of your list of home fix-its! He's savvy, efficient, transparent, and and incredibly nice to work with. He cleaned up some ceiling stains, reworked some wonky doors that didn't close properly, he even worked a "small miracle" (his words) on a butchered spigot outside. He did all the jobs well, gave us some great advice on how to maintain the work (even when if meant less money for him), and was a class act the whole time.

    Super satisfied customer; highly recommended!

  • Sarah Pryputniewicz (Thursday, July 29 21 10:34 am EDT)

    We hired Handy for Hire to replace/repair several rotted areas on the exterior of our house.

    Dan replaced entire sections of trim rather than making patches on the rotted sections. He paid special attention to rotting windowsills, digging out all of the rot, sealing the good wood, and filling the holes. He sanded the patches smooth with the rest of the sills, and the end result is that the house looks better now than before the rot even occurred!

    He takes his time to do the job right, and I really appreciate that. We have used the services of many a handyman in the past, and none of them compare to the craftsmanship of Handy for Hire.

    We've already started thinking about other projects to do around the house. I'm confident that if Dan takes it on, the end result will be beautiful.

    If you're in need of handyman services, contact Handy for Hire. They're totally worth the wait.

  • Don Hawley (Tuesday, April 27 21 10:08 am EDT)

    I have used Dan a number of times and been extremely satisfied. He considers the goal you are trying to achieve and has often come up with better alternatives to what I initially requested. Even when it means less work for him. Great integrity, great range of capabilities, quality work and gets it done quickly.

  • Paula Ploetz (Thursday, April 15 21 03:47 pm EDT)

    I couldn’t be happier with the work Dan did here. The garden fence doors needed to be replaced, and the rest of the fence secured. He arrived on time, fully prepared, worked all day and the results are outstanding. He thought the job through ahead of time and came up with an ingenious way to create workable doors hat didn’t cost too much. He demonstrates solid carpentry skill, is courteous and I plan to hire him again should I need other things done. I know my neighbors are pleased with the work he has done for them as well.

  • Bill Lynn (Tuesday, March 16 21 06:14 pm EDT)

    We have never had such a skilled and creative craftsperson in our lives. Plus Dan is a pleasure to have working in one's house.

    So stop shopping around for the bargain or immediate availability. Get the job done right the first time at a very reasonable price.

    Call Handy for Hire! You'll be glad you did.

  • Jay Fredkin (Tuesday, December 01 20 02:24 pm EST)

    Handy for Hire repaired tree damage to our Carlisle home. It required replacing plywood and clapboard at multiple locations, sourcing and replacing a large picture window, and replacing inside and outside trim. Dan did a great job getting everything weather tight as well as matching the trim and paints. During the process, Dan and Denise were quite communicative, always keeping me informed as to their progress and schedule and the work/job site were always neat and clean. All this for a reasonable price. I highly recommend Handy for Hire.

  • Mimsey (Saturday, October 10 20 08:11 am EDT)

    WOW! Thank you both, Dan quickly solved what we thought was a hopeless mess! We love the work, and are most happy to have met you!

  • Piyum Samaraweera (Tuesday, January 14 20 09:45 pm EST)

    Dan is amazing. Not only is his work terrific but he is just an amazing human being. I wish all small business were like him!

  • Sara Hartman (Saturday, August 17 19 12:57 pm EDT)

    Dan was terrific - accomplished 7 or 8 smallish different tasks in an efficient, professional manner. Each of them has made a difference in my home! He was prompt, careful, and I would hire him again without a second thought! A terrific professional and service!

  • joann napolitano (Thursday, March 22 18 02:06 pm EDT)

    Dan was AWESOME- quick and professional! He will be my first call for future small projects.

  • D Smith (Monday, May 15 17 11:39 pm EDT)

    Handy for Hire was responsive and reliable in communications, and Dan did a great job on an odd set of jobs ranging from light carpentry to replacing a very high and difficulty chandelier. Will call again when there's a need!

  • Richard Lovell (Sunday, March 12 17 06:02 pm EDT)

    Needed my sliding door screens fixed. They are now perfect. Great service and a very reasonable price for a very highly skilled handy man. Trust worthy and professional. Specializes in those annoying small jobs that are too much for a homeowner and not big enough for a contractor. I highly recommend. I will be having him back.

  • Walter Ballard (Saturday, October 15 16 03:07 pm EDT)

    Dan gets an A+ for responsiveness, dependability and quality of work. We hope to use him often.

  • Liz Portanova (Friday, October 14 16 04:09 pm EDT)

    We were thrilled with the work Dan did at our home. It was especially telling that he took the time to correct some previous work someone else had done so that everything functions correctly. I am
    already making my list of the next projects I need him for!

  • Suzie Weaver (Tuesday, October 04 16 06:00 pm EDT)

    I can unconditionally recommend Dan as THE ONLY handyman to hire for any job. He has done several household projects for me over the past few years, ranging from very simple to very complex. Whatever
    the problem, Dan has the knowledge, skills and problem solving ability to tackle it. He keeps the customer informed of what needs to be done and why, and offers options, if relevant. He is
    professional and reliable and someone I can really trust. Thanks Dan!

  • Leo Fochtman (Saturday, June 06 15 10:50 am EDT)

    I apologize for the length of this review/testimonial, but I want to be thorough. I’ll start by saying that I highly recommend Dan. His website states that, “[he] has built this business on genuine
    concern for his customers that they get everything they wanted and more.” I couldn’t agree more! My wife and I bought a 1911 house in August 2014. While the house is in great shape, there were many
    small and medium-sized projects that needed to be done.
    I asked Dan to come to my house so that we could discuss projects and for me to decide if Dan was the right person for the job. I had a few broken window panes that needed to be replaced. When Dan
    saw some old windows in the loft of our garage he asked if he could use the glass to replace the broken window panes. By suggesting using matching antique glass with the distortions, dimples and
    ripples, showed me that Dan understood that I wanted to maintain the charm of the house. At this point, I knew Dan was the right person for the job.
    Dan has worked on multiple and various projects for a minimum of one day a month. I have given him a list of projects, and he expertly and efficiently works his way through the list. Here is just a
    sample of some of the work he has done. He replaced the ropes and weights in windows that were stuck and now lift easily with one finger. I had an antique cabinet latch that wasn’t latching and when
    he couldn’t find a replacement spring he crafted a custom spring. My 100+ year old Pergola’s columns needed to be replaced. Dan researched and found a website that sold resin columns that matched the
    pergola. I ordered the columns and he replaced them. The pergola now is safe and looks great. He also replaced a multi-level section of copper gutters on one section of the house. There have also
    been two times when I had an emergency that needed to be dealt with quickly, and Dan was able to find the time to help.
    I could go on and on, but I did get everything I’ve wanted and more. I will continue using Dan for all my small and medium-sized project needs.

  • Marie Bankuti (Tuesday, March 10 15 12:51 pm EDT)

    It was such a welcome pleasure to have Dan come to my home and take care of things I\'d been tolerating for months! He\'s quick, conscientious, neat... and seems to be able to fix/adjust anything.
    I\'ll certainly have him back to magically take care of more things soon!

  • Marilyn Hanlon (Friday, October 17 14 08:07 am EDT)

    Dan did an awesome job of replacing hardware and rehanging our bi-fold door. This took a very long time and was a very hard job because of things that had to be repaired. He finished the job and the
    closets look wonderful. I would recommend Dan very highly. Thank you Dan.

  • Bonnie (Monday, October 06 14 10:29 pm EDT)

    Dan and Corey completed three different jobs for me in one day last week; they were undaunted by the challenges my very old house presents. Dan had great ideas about how to approach each job and they
    completed the work with skill, attention to detail, and good humor. I will certainly be calling them back to work through the rest of the jobs on my list.

  • Alex (Tuesday, September 16 14 08:09 am EDT)

    I met with Dan and Corey yesterday and they did phenomenal work! I had a small laundry list of items including building a divider between my dishwahser and under the sink and building new shelves for
    an older pantry. That along with a number of small bathroom items, rescreening two windows and installing a brand new mailbox (right into the ground!) made for a very productive day and a very
    satisfied customer! I look forward to working with Dan again on another small project I have coming up soon. I highly recommend these guys. Their turnaround time, attention to detail and
    professionalism is top notch! Thank you so much!

  • Louise Dunn (Sunday, September 30 12 10:46 pm EDT)

    I have hired Dan at Handy for Hire to do a myriad of small jobs around my home from hanging shelving and mirrors to fixing doors that do not open or close properly to repairing a hole in my ceiling
    that was caused by a leak from an upstairs bathroom. He is always prompt, courteous, neat and thorough. I highly recommend Dan and his work. You won't be disappointed!

  • Louise Dunn (Thursday, September 27 12 10:01 am EDT)

    I hired Dan for several small projects around the house. He has fixed doors that won't open or close properly, hung shelves and large mirrors and repair a hole in my ceiling from a leaky water pipe?
    He can do just about anything! Dan is courteous, prompt, and honest. An all around great guy who can handle anything on your to do list. I highly recommend Dan Cormier.

  • Patricia and David Greene (Thursday, September 13 12 08:49 am EDT)

    We are SO glad to have found Dan! He is incredibly responsive, calling right back to troubleshoot over the phone if we have a problem and he can't get here right away. He has done both major(outside
    door replacement and reframing) and minor (from powerwashing to plumbing to replacing light fixtures)projects for us, and is our go-to-guy for all things *handy*. Great service and personality,
    extremely knowledgeable...but he'll also be the first to say if something isn't in his repertoire, which we also appreciate. In that case, he's very well connected in the area and always recommends
    several other reputable choices.
    Dan's "The Man"!!!

  • Diane Manley (Tuesday, February 28 12 08:10 pm EST)

    Danny is a wonder!! Danny is very considerate to loyal customers (of which I am) He is meticulous in every project he works on - going above and beyone to satisfy the customer - He is full of great
    ideas and is always open to any suggestions you might have. He can do anything - from remodeling to plumbing - I would highly recommend Danny for any homeowner concerns - he always works with a smile
    and aims to please (and he does - always concise and immaculate - will always hire Danny - Diane

  • martha (Monday, December 12 11 10:48 am EST)

    dan has been helping me for years He listens to how i want things he makes good suggestions.