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              Welcome to the new era of Handy for Hire LLC!


    18 yrs. out of the original van was a great run and Thank You to all of our customers who called on us during that time to take care of your needs, we could not have done it without you! Sometimes inanimate objects choose you and let me say the new van spoke to us and it was right! The advantages are becoming more and more apparent every day. The most significant is the fact that no longer is there a need to build a shop outside and behind the old van saving customers all that initial set-up and days end  take-down time. That is a significant savings on each job to the customer and frankly less wear and tear on this aging handyman. Please don't be spooked by it's size but rather know that no handyman service will arrive with this level of efficiency for such an enormous variety. I just want to say I've realized zero regrets for such a bold choice. It's this handyman's dream! 



Our possibilities are nearly limitless with these other vehicles and        impliments. Be sure and ask if we can before thinking we don't.                                                       Please!

(Dan is currently operating solo while efforts are made to find a quality candidate.)




      We are a company working every day to be known as the people for fixing the smallest of problems around the house. That is what we do and that is all we do. It would be much easier to say we do not remodel or build additions, we will not replace all of your windows, your roof or your siding. We are not a disquise sales team. We will however, fix most any part of what you have. The door that doesn't work effortlessly, the window that won't stay up, the utensil drawer that falls in, or the rollers under your patio door and so on. Who Does that? We Do!

A few words about the owner

Dan has built this business on genuine concern for his customers that they get everything they wanted and more. Dan says " It's the oldest recipe in world but one that seems to have been forgotten." " Listen carefully, be up front on all points and then deliver over and above."

Rest assured that each and every small project is addressed with a level of care and attention to detail that is rare if not impossible to find today.

Whether you are in need of light touches in the grand entrance...........


                    ....... Or the shed out back is in need of reconstructive surgery