Challenge us, the stranger the better.

I need a way to hold a "Dijareedoo" over the fireplace..... Done!

Odd jobs are truly our passion

Always compassionate, It's our honor and privelage to accomodate the elderly.

Always considerate....

Quality to a whole new level!

Custom sized supporting steel frame. Made to latch both closed aaaannd open! This door will not twist, sag or fall out of adjustment to the latch. Look good? What do you think?

You won't solve this problem with online products.

This exemplifies our problem solving skills. Made to change height and using common materials that all are weather resistant even made to not harbor bees. If you look close you'll see a trailer jack on the back to operate the height adjustments.

and make it adjustable...

We'll never say it can't be done without considering all options

You can't do that! Or can we? What about that is so wrong? and just as strong!

Consider that the face of the tub besides it being a surface you really can't use, it also had an recessed detail that had to be accounted for. I can't tell you how strong that prepped surface was in the end. Flex is not an option. Carefully account for the thickness for every step including the depth of the tile adhesive (Mastic). For the results the you see. How does it look to you?

Mosaics anyone?

We laid the mosaic tiles. That's good stuff!

The diagonal pattern was a suggestion by me to add interest to an otherwise vanilla field and made custom by yours truly. This is a very early job that does not fit our "Keeping jobs small" mantra but does illustrate what we are truly capable of.